Welcome to LiFx | Life is Feudal – Extended

We are a community of mod creators and players who want to share both our love of LiF and the creations we make for it. The LiFx Community is a place where modders can work together to build within a single framework ensuring mod compatibility with a simple setup. We are always looking for more excited and eager individuals who are inspired to create, share, and play in ways that improve both their own experience and the LiF Community as a whole.

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YOLauncher.app from Feudal.Tools and LiFx. 

We’re happy to announce that we have taken a big step towards aiding the community of providing quality and easy to use mods. The YOLauncher provides server browsing capability and a mod installation method so that you can install mods by the touch of a couple of buttons. No more editing any of your Life is Feudal: Your Own core files!