LiFx Client Autoloader

  1. Installation instructions
  2. For mod creators
  3. Changelog
  4. Submit Issue

1. Installation instructions:

  1. Download
  2. Copy into your Life is Feudal: Your Own root directory (same directory as yo_cm_client.exe)
  3. Install compatible LiFx mods and enjoy.

Note: The mod will auto-update itself on every new release of our Client autoloader, and checks our website for new releases on every launch of your Life is Feudal: Your Own client.

Tip: Do not unzip the file, it works as it is.

2. For mod creators:

In order to be compliant with the LiFx client autoloader you have to provide your mod in the following structure.


Mod folder location:

Make an init.cs file in your folder i.e: “mods/<yourmod>/init.cs” that executes your mod, this will execute your mod after onInitclientDone()
The autoloader also loads materials.cs automatically from “mods/<yourmod>/materials.cs for ease of use when adding custom textures

3. Changelog

Date Version Comment
06.01.2021 v1.3.0 Changes:
– Reads all subdirectories of mods/, looks for and executes any materials.cs file found
– Downloads and installs Skunk-Fu (sf-mods) automatically
29.12.2020 v1.2.1 Fixes:
– Bugfix auto patch, crashed on download before.
– Bugfix f2 opened two sets of windows, now only opens 1.
29.12.2020 v1.2.0 – Press F2 for our new knowledgebase in-game
– Auto creates our mods folder structure and the LiFx mods folder for our client mods
21.12.2020 v1.1.1 Added auto downloading of BasilMod with new window to restart your client if it has downloaded the mod.
Credit to original author of BasilMod:
21.12.2020 v1.1.0 Added version numbering on the main window
20.12.2020 v1.0.1 Fixed bug for nightSky cubebox being called by “wrong” reference
19.12.2020 v1.0.0  The initial release of our client-side mod, it introduces our LiFx Mod Framework structure